The 2021 Training Allocations and Training Field Layouts are now on the website under the ‘Season 2021’ tab.

With 122 teams this year accommodating every team request has not been possible.

Please check your teams field, day and training time carefully.

Teams can use their allocation from Monday 10th April.

Please contact your Age Group Vice-President for any training issues.

Training Allocations

Training ground allocations for 2022 have been finalised and can be found here.

For details of the field layouts click here.  Both documents are also available in Club Documents. 

Training times are restricted to those shown on that schedule due to the extremely large number of teams for the allocation of training grounds for Wakehurst.

Please follow the following simple rules: 

  • Finish your training session promptly. 
  • Have your players arrive early so you can start on time.  Warm-up before your allocated time so you can maximise the use of the allocated field time. 

Wet Weather 

The Northern Beaches Council will often close grounds for training during the week to preserve them for weekend games.  If the weather has been bad, before you train please check via their website:-

The Club can be fined for training on unfit grounds.  It is also considered negligence by the Coach to train on unfit grounds.  If Wakehurst sends a message “Ground Closed”, please do not train.  

Low Impact

On some of the fields, the council will advise that the ground is pen to “low Impact” sports.  Any of our training activities (including wearing joggers instead of boots) does not constitute a “low impact” activity and you cannot use the ground.


The lights at Macfarlane, Hews Parade, Lionel Watts, and Ararat are all controlled remotely.  The lights will be programmed to automatically turn on to cover all approved training times.  The council is able to override the lights and will most likely disable them on evenings when the fields have been closed due to wet weather.  

If grounds are open and lights are not on please ring your VP. 

Goal Areas  

Please do not train in the goal areas.  These are the most worn areas of the field and continual usage will ruin the field for all those who play on it. 

Full size, portable goal posts are available for training use at Lionel Watts.  Please contact your Vice President. 

Field Layouts 

Hews Parade 1 is nearest the Car Park.  Hews Parade 3 is the Under 8/9 Field furthest from the car park.  

For training purposes, the Hews Parade fields are subdivided and designated either ‘East’ (nearest Forest Way) or ‘West’. 

Lionel Watts 4 is nearest the Canteen building.  For training purposes, the fields on Lionel Watts are subdivided and designated either ‘South’ (Blackbutts Road or car park end) or ‘North’ (Glen Street end). 

Lionel Watt 5 is the U10 field at the north (Glen Street end) of Lionel Watts 3 & 4. 

It is divided into:-

  • LW 5 West is behind LW 4 and cannot be used when AFL has LW 4
  • LW 5 East is behind LW 3 next to the Cricket Nets 

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