What another amazing season we’ve had at Wakehurst FC in 2023. We’ve had many new members this year and the club has had record registration numbers, with 1850 players in 136 teams including 38 teams alone in the U6-U8 age groups. In our Seniors Teams this year, we had 30 teams,12 Women’s and 18 Men’s – also our largest
numbers ever.

Last night our Senior Men’s & Women’s teams got together for Senior Presentation Night to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of all teams this year. We would like to congratulate the following teams & players on their awards.

Perpetual Trophy Winners

Most Promising Premier League Player – Bryan Floyd Perpetual Trophy

Wilson Sarkies – Men’s PLs

Most Promising Womens Premier League Player – Bryan Floyd Perpetual Trophy

Jessica Bryant – Women’s PLs

Senior Women’s Coach of the Year

Ben Leach – WO40/3

Senior Men’s Club Champions


Senior Women’s Club Champions


Games Played Awards

600 Games

Scott Winston AL/1 : Scott started playing in the under sixes 32 years ago in 1992 and has not missed a single season
since. He has always played at the highest level, having spent 7 years in the
Men’s PLs and is now the heart and soul of our fabulous AL/1 squad. He is also now coaching his son in the U6s.

400 Games

Nick Dillenbeck – O35/A

Ali Musik – WAL/3

James Spicer – Men’s PLs

Troy Taylor – AL/1

300 Games

Taylor Barnard – Women’s PLs
Rhiann Campbell – WAL/2
Isacc Fong – AL/1
Ryosuke Sakai – O35/A
Zac Williams – AL/1

200 Games

Tai Addison – U18/1A
Mollie Carniegie – Women’s PLs
Samuel Carnell – U21/2B
Tessa Cassettari – WAL/4
Nat Collins – WAL/4
Rachel Colville – Women’s PLs
Reece Frith – Men’s PLs
Ruby Greenland, – Women’s PLs
Luke Irwin – U21/2B
Jett McDade – U18/1A
Wilson Sarkies – Men’s PLs
Nathan Trigg – AL/6

100 Games

Zoe Fenn – WU18/2A
Abi Finch – WAL/3A
Bailey Foord – U21/1
Isabelle Gogoll – Women’s PLs
Jason Gow – O45/2
Annabelle Grigg – WU18/1
Alan Guidetti – O35/B
Jamie Hawker – WU18/2B
Saxon Legaz – Men’s PLs
Mitch Lovett – Men’s PLs
Declan Pendleton – Men’s PLs
Bianca Sorbara – WU18/1
Sarah Sutton – WO40/3
Paul White – O35/A

Women’s Best & Fairest

WU18/1 – Elise Wallace
WU18/2A – Kaitlyn Massey
WU18/2B – Brianna Jenkins
WAL/1 – Charlotte Bridson
WAL/2 – Katie Ross
WAL/3A – Francesca Moore
WAL/3B – Jayden Martina
WAL/4 – Jamie Mitchell
WO40/1 – Carly Jones
WO40/3 – Kirralee Julius
Women’s PL/1 – Marli Jones
Women’s PL/R – Ruby Greenland

Men’s Best & Fairest

U18/1A – Tai Addison
U18/1B – Conor Kenna
U18/4 – Josh Symons
U21/1 – Alexander Yates
U21/2B – Tom Laurie
AL/1 – Michael Wright
AL/R – Thomas Polat
AL/6 – Chris Curulli
AL/7A – Daniel Watkins
O35/1 – Matthew Turner
O35/1-2B – Kevin Reinert
O35-A – Richie Sullivan
O35/B – Matt Dessaix
O45/1 – Kurt Speyer
O45/2 – Simon Caton
O45/3 – Thiago Rios
Men’s PL/1 – Reece Frith
Men’s PL/R – Jonah Breusch