Playing Rules 

Season Format (Non-Competition) 

The Non-Competition format covers the age groups U6 to U11’s.  The full match formats and rules can be found in the Mini Roos National Playing Formats.  These formats are divided into three age brackets – Under 6 & 7, Under 8 & 9 and Under 10 & 11. 

For full details and rules for the Mini Roos format, click on the below button. 

Season Format (Competition) 

The Competition format covers the age groups U12 to O45’s. For full details and rules for the Competition format, click on the below button. 


Club Playing Rules

Player Rotation – Regular Season 

For all teams in age groups from Under 6 up to and including Under 16, during the regular season the coach is responsible for ensuring the fair and equitable distribution of playing time amongst players in the team. 

Junior and Sub Junior players should play at least half a game each week unless injured or late in arriving at the game.  

Use the interchange rule so that players share playing time and only have brief periods on the sideline. 

When a player is absent through sickness, injury etc. the time does not have to be made up. 

MWFA Semi-final Series and Finals, Knockout Gala Days and State Competitions 

In all teams who compete in the MWFA Semi-final Series (including the Round Robins) at the end of the season, Knockout Gala Days and games in State Competitions (e.g. State Cup, Champion of Champions) the use of team members shall be left to the discretion of the coach. 

Borrowed Players 

Players should not be borrowed unless there are mitigating circumstances (examples are injury, absence or lack of fitness amongst regular team members).  Borrowed players should not be used in preference to regular team members.  

Please keep your Games Played Sheet up to date.  These records can be important in the case of parental disputes.  

Record times played by any players from other teams on the table at the back of the sheet.  

List the length of time a player is on the field and the reason for not completing a full game.  If interchange is used regularly, keep accurate records of time spent on the sideline.  

If you have any questions please check with the Vice President for your section of the Club. 

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