Information for Managers

A club of our size could not achieve success without the support and cooperation of our coaches and managers.  If you are interested in taking on the role of coach or manager for a team, please make yourself known to the appropriate age group Vice President.


All coaches and managers must Register Online via PlayFootball. There is no cost or fee to register as a Coach or Manager (Volunteer), it is free. Please carefully read the details below together with the registration instructions before registering on-line.

Getting your registration correct the first time eliminates the need for our volunteer committee members to spend a lot of time fixing errors.

  • The Football Federation Australia ‘Play Football’ national registration system will be used again for the 2022 season.
  • Each coach & manager need their own FFA Number.
  • New coaches & managers will need to create an FFA Account to obtain a FFA Number.
  • All coaches and managers must have a valid Working With Children Check (WWCC) before you register online as you MUST enter your WWCC number as part of your registration. To apply for a WWCC, click here. Please note if you are not related to any member of the team you will require the paid WWCC.

The Role of a Manager

  • Will be responsible for the collection of the Team Kit at the start of the season from Hews Pde. A refundable $50 deposit will be required at the time. You are expected to keep track of which player has each number shirt (U12 upwards) and ensure these are collected at the end of the season, to be returned to the club washed and as a whole team kit. Any shirts not returned or returned in an un-usable condition, may result in the loss of your deposit.
  • To be aware of the Rules of the Game, instruct the team in the rules of the game and to encourage good sportsmanship.
  • To ensure that all players are dressed in Club uniform and that boot laces are correctly tied, watches and all other jewellery is removed before playing. No player is allowed to take the field without proper shin pads and players may not play with plaster casts. 
  • Managers and Coaches should understand the conditions that govern the correct use of team substitutes and borrowed players. Full details are available in the Coaches and Managers manual.
  • Use the MWFA Electronic Match Sheet (DRIBL) system to check opposition player ID’s prior to the start of any competition game (U12 – U45).
  • Use the MWFA Electronic Match Sheet (DRIBL) system to record the game result for all U8 – U11 games.
  • To ensure that spectators and children are kept clear of the sidelines and goals. 
  • Encourage players to drink adequate water before and during play. No glass bottles are allowed on fields.
  • Advise your Vice President, as soon as possible, if your team has to forfeit
  • To notify all members of your team of the time and location of all matches including arrival time. There are a number of phone apps available to make this easier
  • To notify your team of any game changes/cancellations due to wet weather.
  • To arrange for a parent Game Leader for U6-U11 home games. See Miniroos Rules.
  • To ensure that a roster is drawn up for parents to cover any BBQ duties assigned to you throughout the season. 
  • To ensure that a roster is drawn up for parents to wash the shirts after each match for U6-U11 teams.
  • Remind players & parents of their obligations under the Code of Conduct.
  • Encourage parents and players to support our Sponsors.
  • Encourage supporters to barrack for Wakehurst teams, but only in a positive, sportsman-like manner.
  • Absolutely no abuse of any referees or assistant referees.
  • Under no circumstances should direct contact be made with the Referees or members of the MWFA Management Committee.
  • It is strongly emphasized that no unofficial arrangements should be entered into between opposing teams.

For further information, please refer to the Coaches and Managers manual.

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