Ground Closures

The Northern Beaches Council provides information on the status of all sports fields and can be found here

Please note that football activities do not constitute as “low Impact” and cannot take place. 

For Lionel Watts, please ensure that you review the specific details for grass fields (eg Lionel Watts 2). 

The information on the NBC website is not a substitute for the most up to date game day information contact the Competition Secretary.  Even if the Council declare grounds fit for play, the MWFA or the Clubs may still withdraw them anytime throughout the weekend.  It should be noted that while the ground that your team is scheduled to play on maybe closed, it does not necessarily mean that your game has been postponed as the MWFA can move teams to other grounds as they see fit.

The Age Group Vice President will advise team managers of any game changes as soon as this information is received from the MWFA.

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