Our History


Wakehurst FC Logo Circa 1980

Wakehurst Soccer Club was founded in 1968 as an offshoot of the Forest Soccer Club to service the newly developing Belrose/Davidson area. The Club initially shared Bambara Reserve with Rugby league and started with 8 teams from U/6 to U/11. The first Committee consisted of Ron Duncan, Bill Harper Fred Bones, Shirley Bones and Frank Davis.

The table below shows the growth in player numbers over the first five years of the Club.

Year 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 2012
No Players 102 152 192 275 313 1246
Wakehurst FC Logo Circa 1988

Lionel Watts Oval finished


U/8’s Champion of Champions v Mt Colah played at Greystanes. Coached by John Ethrington.


Wakehurst’s 10th year.

Belrose Rangers formed by discontented Wakehurst parents, including Fred Bones and John Etherington. Wakehurst donated $2000 for initial funding. Fred Bones was Rangers first President.

Six-a-side soccer introduced for U6 to U8.


First Wakehurst U/8 Gala Day


First Wakehurst Ladies’ Team


Lucas Neill played in Wakehurst U7 Leopards


9’s runners up in Champion of Champions.

Clayton Levy first player with 300 games.


First Wakehurst U/11 Tournament


Wakehurst’s 20th year.

Lucas Neill played U/10-1’s.

U/10-1’s runners up in Champion of Champions.


AL/1’s promoted to P/League.

First U/6 & U/7 Gala Days.

U/9’s runners up in Champion of Champions.


U/15’s win the Champion of Champions.

Hews Parade Home Ground Development on RTA corridor worked on but rejected by residents.

First Kids Bingo.

Wakehurst offered Millers Reserve as home ground by MWSA.


U/16’s win the State Cup.

New caravan purchased and first aid kits provided for all teams.

Drainage works on Hews Parade and Davidson High School by the council.

First finals held at Cromer Park.


Subjuniors move to Hews Parade.


Club becomes an Incorporated body in February 1993.

Hews Parade Building opened.


Strip changed to SSI.

Peter Mansell first to 400 games.


Lights at Lionel Watts upgraded.


First Twilight Soccer.

First U/7 & U/8 Gala Days v’s Pittwater.

U/18’s runners up in State Cup.


Premier League win Champion of Champions.

U/18’s win State Cup.


Wakehurst’s 30th year.

First season in Lionel Watts Building.


Changed to current logo.

2 games v’s Northern Spirit.


Final U/11 Gala Day.

Fred Verduin first to 500 games.

U/18’s runners up in State Cup.


Ararat Building opened.

Drainage installed on L/Watts 4.

Ladies’ U/16’s runners up in Champion of Champions.


U/11’s runners up in Champion of Champions.


Entire Club strip changed to Mitre.

Ladies’ U12/1’s win Ladies’ Champion of Champions and are runners up in State Cup Final.


Wakehurst holds first summer soccer competition attracting over 300 players.

Wakehurst celebrates 25 years of Ladies’ Soccer.

U/16’s runners up in State Cup.


12 teams crowned Major Premiers.

13 Minor Premiers.

Ladies’ U12/1’s win State Cup and Caitlin Cooper Cup.

U13’s runners up in Champion of Champions.


Justin “BIRDMAN” Rainbird first to 600 games.

Lights erected at Ararat Reserve.

Club name changed to “Wakehurst Football Club”.

First Womens U11 competition in MWFA.


U14/1A’s win State Cup and Champion of Champions

U6 Small-Sided-Games introduced and played at Lionel Watts oval.

Wakehurst have been in Premier League for 20 years.

First womens U13 competition in MWFA


Lucas Neill captained the Socceroos at the 2010 World Cup.

WU16/1 won the Champion of Champions.

U9 won Strikers Cup for the first time.

U7 small-sided-ganes FFA format 4v4 introduced.

Warringah council introduses SMS activated lights.


U10 small-sided games FFF format 9v9 introduced

FNSW abolished the U10 Champion of Champions competition.

No Strikers Cup held due to the age change.


Cromer Park Synthetic Field was opened.
U11 Champion of Champions Competition no longer held.
Keith Pester (Preseident 1980-1088 amd Life Member) was awarded the Charles Valentine Award by FNSW.
Warringah Shire Council introduced lighting charge for use of lights during training and night games.


Small-Sided games FFA format U11 9v9 and U9 7v7 introduced.
Justin Rainbird first player to reach 700 games.
U18/1 crowned Major Premiers, Minor Premiers, State Cup Champions and Champion of Champions winners

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